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Welcome to HYDROUS Engagement Systems

HYDROUS [hahy-drus] : Able to adapt and fit into any situation.
ENGAGEMENT : Possessing and fostering a positive connection to the work being performed.
SYSTEMS : The ability to form a complex whole from related parts.

HYDROUS Engagement Systems offers a growing selection of enterprise mobile
cloud software technologies designed to positively enhance the connection that people feel
toward their work, their colleagues, and their leadership. Engagement implies commitment and
committed employees take personal pride in performing to the best of their ability at all times.

Visit our marketplace and learn more about the latest in employee engagement technologies,
methodologies and professional service offerings.

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Why Does Employee Engagement Matter?

According to Gallup, of the 100 million people in America who hold full-time jobs, just
30 percent are engaged in their work. The same Gallup study found that active workplace
disengagement costs American businesses between $450 and $550 billion per year.
Are your people engaged in their work on a daily basis? How can you tell?

HYDROUS Engagement Systems will bring out superheroes on your team.

We engage...

We motivate...

We deliver results...

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What is the key to employee “Engagement”?

A truly engaged employee enjoys bringing all aspects of themselves to work everyday. This means
letting them bring everything you hired them for - including their brains, pluck, creativity, warmth
and wit - to the job. We focus on developing and supporting the people, the processes and the
technologies that increase employee engagement, employee retention and a healthy bottom-line.

Visit our enterprise cloud marketplace and learn more about our approach to getting
your employees engaged.